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Fiction Records was founded in 1978 by Chris Parry. In the early nineties the label was bought by Polydor where it lay effectively dormant for a decade apart from the occasional Cure release. In 1992 the imprint achieved its first #1 record in The Cure's album Wish, which reached the top of the charts in the United Kingdom.

In January 2004 Joe Munns, Paul Smernicki and Jim Chancellor decided to revive Fiction to "give Polydor a bit more of a guitar stronghold", as their roster then consisted mostly of pop acts. The first release on the "new" Fiction was the Snow Patrol single "Run", which entered the UK chart at #5. The subsequent Snow Patrol album Final Straw has since gone on to sell over 2 million copies around the world.

The current Fiction stable includes Crystal Castles, elbow, Ian Brown, Jamie N Commons, Kaiser Chiefs, Kate Boy, Last Dinosaurs, Nick Mulvey, The Maccabees, The Naked and Famous, Seasick Steve, Snow Patrol, Spector, Tired Pony, White Lies and Willy Mason.



How can I apply for work experience at Fiction?

Unfortunately we are not taking any placements in Fiction at the moment. The best place to start is the careers/placements section on www.umusic.com. It might also be worth talking to agencies like Handle and MusicMarket, who place staff in temporary positions across the industry.

Record Of The Day is a useful site for keeping in touch with industry news, and they have a jobs section for all sectors too.

Please feel free to email your CV to Universal HR Department.

Hope this helps - good luck.

How can I submit demos to Fiction?

You can post demos to Fiction A&R, Fiction Records, 364-366 Kensington High Street, London, W14 8NS. Or, you can send a link to fictionrecords@umusic.com. If the A&R team have any questions they will get in touch directly. Please don't email mp3 attachments, they will be automatically deleted due to the volume received!

Can I make an appointment to meet with a member of the A&R team?

The A&R team don’t tend to book personal appointments initially – it’s nothing personal but otherwise they would never have time to listen to anything!! Send us a demo and one of them will give you a shout if you are what they are looking for. Good luck,

Am I allowed to use a Fiction track in a video I am making?

Charlotte Thomas charlotte.thomas@umusic.com can advise regarding licensing tracks from the Fiction catalogue.

Can you or your artists support my charity?

As I'm sure you can imagine we get far more charity requests than we can help, so we are working with one at a time (our current charity is Calm, which supports young men at risk of suicide). All our artists also support their own choice of charity - check their websites for more information.

Can I remix one of your artists?

We cannot give any permissions for non-commissioned remixes to be distributed or sold. All remixes are commissioned by the management or A&R.

How do I receive press releases for fiction artists?

Please contact the Polydor press assistant jeyda.bekir@umusic.com to be added to internal press distribution lists for Kate Nash, Snow Patrol, Ian Brown, Tv On The Radio, Athlete, Alice Gold, The Duke Spirit, Yuksek, The Naked And Famous and The Maccabees.

Some of our artists press is handled by external publicists -

for elbow please contact lewis@loudhailerpress.com,

for White Lies steve@bigmouthpublicity.co.uk,

for The Bees Adrian@darlinguk.com,

for Crystal Castles Ruth@toastpress.com,

for Spector jenny@toastpress.com,

for 2:54 juliebland@familyltd.co.uk,

for Kaiser Chiefs paddy@hallornothing.com.


How do I offer my business services to Fiction i.e. printing, cd duplication etc?

To put your business forward to supply Universal companies, please email your details to new.supplier@umusic.com

How do I book a Fiction artist for a gig?

To book our artists for live shows please contact their respective agents:

The Maccabees - Charlie Myatt at 13 Artists charlie.myatt@13artists.com 01273 601 355

Snow Patrol - Xray Touring http://www.xraytouring.com/ info@xraytouring.com 020 7749 3500

Elbow - Xray Touring jeff@xraytouring.com  020 7749 3500 asst Jo biddicombe

Kate Nash - Angus Baskerville @ 13 Artists angus.baskerville@13artists.com 01273 626 854

Filthy Dukes - James Whitting at Coda Agency James@CodaAgency.com 020 7456 8888

Yuksek - Tom Schroeder at Coda Agency Tom@CodaAgency.com 020 7456 8888

White Lies - Paul Bolton at Xray Touring Paul@xraytouring.com 020 7749 3500

Ian Brown - Charlie Myatt and Lola Holling at 13 Artists lola.holling@13artists.com 01273 626 854

Athlete - Charlie Myatt and Lola Holling at 13 Artists lola.holling@13artists.com 01273 626 854

Matthew P -Xray Touring Loretta@xraytouring.com 020 7749 3500

Crystal Castles - Xray Touring http://www.xraytouring.com/ info@xraytouring.com 020 7749 3500

Alice Gold - Xray Touring josh@xraytouring.com 020 7749 3500

The Bees - David Levy (Asst: Karey Fisher & Brendan Long) 103 New Oxford Street, WC1A 1DD dsl@wmeentertainment.com 0207-534-6947

Kaiser Chiefs paul@xraytouring.com

Romance steve@xraytouring.com josh@xraytouring.com

How do I tell Fiction what I think?

If you want to get involved with the future of Fiction and our artists, you can join the Universal Speakerbox online community on Facebook